Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Season Begins.... Well almost! Oct 2013

It's boat show time and sure does get the urge to sail kicked into overdrive.
We've put spin on it this year and we are attending the Whitby boat owners Rendezvous for the very first time.

Its held in a small bay with a quaint marines just south of Annapolis. We are staying at Pirates Cove, overlooking the water and walking distance to the marina.

Why haven't we attended before this year, there are so many great boaters and piles of amazing ideas flowing, not to mention good food  and awesome  boats to take a peak at.  Come on! we all know we love to look at other peoples boats, to see what nifty ideas they have that could solve some of our issues, but also so we can walk way feeling really great about the decisions we've made and the ways we can justify purchasing the totally unnecessary, but absolutely can't live without boating stuff , and last but not least so we can say..." That was nice, but I like our boat better".  we're all so different with our wants, needs and wishes that the great thing about feeling that ways is that its always true.

We had such a good time, that we'll be back next year.

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