Sunday, February 26, 2012

Project Complete

Our redesign of the Nav Station Clutter spot is a success.

A place for all the uncategorized stuff (junk) has found a good looking hidden home.


Handy Dandy Installer

As Tiff as a little girl would say  " Ta Da!"

The finished product

Rare sighting

Be on the look out!

This rare species was spotted at Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour on or about the 16th of Feb 2012.

You are very privileged to see this male of the species in an obvious state of advance pregnancy.

It is extremely rare, in fact this species was believed to not exist. The Guinness Record crew is asking for any sightings to be reported to them immediately.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Those chores

It does seem like time to tackle the wood onboard, so I try out the new heat gun and start the stripping process. Don't think this will be completed anytime soon, but we've made a dent. Stainless polishing is next on the list and Now the pull cord for the outboard came off in Gord's hand as we pulled away from Happy hour at Saba Rock tonight. So, I know what his first chore will be in the morning.

Me?, I'm working on that new Nav Sation organizer that I got the wood for way back before Carl. It's looking pretty good and I hope to have it finished and in place before Mom arrives on the 28th.

Sand it

Varnish it

Off to North Sound for some R&R Feb 19,2012

We need to just chill, and maybe get some much need chores done on our boat. 

Looking over north sound from the cockpit in the morning with a hot coffee in our hands, the water is almost flat calm and the charter boats are scooting in and out of the harbour on their way to find that next perfect beach or arriving to grab a mooring. The mega yachts are anchored everywhere, there is a whole fleet of hobie cats chasing eachother across the bay with there multi coloured sails flying, voices of the kids splashing in the water off the backs of their boats carries on the wind and the little ferries are shuttling passengers between Bitter end, Saba Rock, Leverick or the Sand Box.

It's idilic and all seems right with the world at this moment.

What to do with Aquarius??? Feb 13- 19, 2012

Their flight has gone and Carl is on his way to getting that thing out of his head.

Now, what to do with Aquarius.?  Bill and Maryann are hanging around to help us get her back to Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour for haul out and storage.

I'm soloing , this time in a boat not a Cessna.

Solo Navigation St Thomas to Virgin Gorda

Gord did his magic, upped the anchor on Ocean Wings and leaving me alone on the helm, then Bill swung by and delivered him to Aquarius, he upped that anchor and all three boats are caravaning east to Virgin Gorda, with a stop tonight at Francis Bay ( 1/2 point) . Then its a repeat in reverse to grab moorings for all three boats.

It's a happy hour/Dinner celebration of a successful Solo voyage.  Plus we have to try and make a dent in the groceries aboard Aquarius. She looks so lonely sitting there beside us empty and sad.

Those pesky north swells have come in during the night... had hoped to beat them.   News from Virgin Gorda is it's very rough, so maybe not adviseable to try to bring in an unfamiliar boat. We're stuck in Francis for three nights, but use the time to swim, snorkel and start to get Aquarius ready to close up.

We repeat our anchoring routine, but this time Gord is down to one engine on Aquarius, some kind of tricky engine water pump belt. But he's a pro and brings her into the haul out without mishap. Bill and Maryann have been a god send with their help getting here and now with the work to properly close her up so there will be no surprises next year when Carl returns.

Aquarius in Haul Out

Setting her down

While we are cleaning, changing oil, fogging engines, stowing sails, removing bimini, bagging everything and doing laundry......

Carl is in surgery to remove that tumor.

They think they got most of it, and he knew names, people, the date and appears to have no paralysis, which was the major concern with its location.  CELEBRATION!!!!!

Sue, Bill & Maryann

Aquarius is hauled and put to bed. Here's hoping Carl will be back to enjoy her again next season.

Put to bed

Just not Carl Feb 7-13, 2012

He's lethargic, forgetfull and just not Carl. Their daughter, an emergency doctor in San Francisco, says get him to St. Thomas hospital NOW.
So, back we go, with Aquarius following.
Ever tried to anchor 2 boats. Gord's got it down pat. First ours, then drop the dinghy, motor over to Aquarius, jump aboard while Dar does dohnuts, then anchor it .  The chore was getting Carl off the boat and into the dinghy, then out again.
St Thomas has a lovely new, modern hospital with an awesome cafeteria as we found out during our 3 days hanging out there.
Met some great people in the waiting room, Don and Deanna, also here with their friend and his injured arm.
The news for Carl is not so good, His Neurologist Dr D Weisher says he has a brain tumor and needs to go home ASAP. This guy seems top notch and seems pretty sure. We're all much more optimistic.

We all had an amazing conversation with Dr who always believed in science and not spirits, afterlife or reincarnation. However, his years as a neurologist have turned him into a believer of all of the above and he has written a book with all his first hand experiences. "Mysteries of Consciousness"

So, we get a flight booked on Monday for Carl and Dar to head home and they release him on steroids to control the swelling in his brain.

Back in the harbour on Aquarius, its eat out the fridge time. Tony and Margaret come by on their new Hylas and Chris and Fran on their Hylas "Changes", and next we know we're getting an email from Bill and Maryann on "Seminole Wind"  to look to starboard as they are anchored beside us. So happy hour is truly happy and does a lot to perk up Carl .  In fact the old Carl re-emerges in his Tab wig and persona, with his lovely lady in her Bambi alias.  His planned birthday party is moved up and a bunch of crazy pirates board their boat for a crazy fun dinner.
The Rum does flow!!!

Party animals

Pirate Tab, wenches Maryann, Bambi( Dar) & Sue

The Thong Inspector donning his wares

More Rum

Dar and Fran

Bill, Chris and Carl

Birthday boy

Beach Party Feb 4-6

Back to Francis Bay for some R& R. Snorkel, swim, snorkel and hang out at the beach. Fellow Whitby owners, Diane and Randy on "Sinbad" happened by to reminded us about Fatty Goodlanders birthday party on the beach. Pot luck and what a spread. Fatty himself was in great form and played and sang. The beach was a rockin, so much so that the park rangers showed up. Busted all those 60- 70 year old partiers. Must be the "wild Years" not the "Golden Years"
There were 4 Whitby owners at this bash ( including ourselves ) Cool!

The Start of the Spread

Fatty Himself

Dar and Diane

Dinghy Parking lot

My wood  for a new nav station organizer is ready in St Thomas..... why take the boat back when there are quicker ferry's.
So, up at dawn, beach the dinghy at Maho, and I really mean beach, a rogue wave came out of nowhere just as we were dragging her out of the surf. Bam over the dinghy and drenched from ass to tea kettle. The hike up the 300+ stairs is usually not too bad, but with a salty tush its not so nice. We just make the trolley into Cruz Bay for a fast ferry to St Thomas.
Grab our wood, Lunch at Tickles, meet up with Randy and Diane, they are here for a new Bimini, mail Sadies birthday card,wash off the morning salt with a little tropical rain and then back on the ferry, trolley, down the steps, in to dinghy and back to the boat.  Trip costs over $100.00. Hindsight!  take our boat next time.

Happy Hours with Dar and Carl each night, but Carl is not doing so good. He's lethargic, forgetfull and just not Carl. Their daughter, an emergency doctor in San Francisco, says get him to S Thomas hospital NOW.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Mishap Gordon Feb 3,2012

After our trip toCharlotte Amalie to drop off the Kids, we need some rest.
We've never been to Hawksnest Bay before. It's a lovely beach , but a rolly anchorage.... Aren't they all?

Thought we'd get off our rolly ball and grab one that was tucked in closer to the rocks, possible a bit more sheltered. We cruised over only to find it's a day ball only, as we try to abort and miss the rocks at the same time, a quick turn puts the stern and of course the prop right over the ball and its line.
Clunk, clunk, stop!
Oh oh!  I've never seen anyone drop an anchor so fast.  As, I've dove on the last 2 mishaps, it's Gord's turn to get in the water and do the untangle thing.
Accomplished and no harm done. Thank God

Next day we jump aboard Carls Cat " Aquarius" and head to Cruz Bay for breakfast and a ham radio gathering. With our dinghy tied behind on a nice long painter, kind of forgot that you can't back up or......
Clunk, clunk, stop!
Back in the water for Gord with a knife and a borrowed swimsuit.
Accomplished and no harm done. Thank you God

Pirate Treasure

After a quick trip to Sopers Hole for Check out, it was off to Francis Bay for a decent sleep and some beach combing. 
Buried in the sand was our 1st treasure, a ring.  Hope it's a ruby but only time will tell.

Mishap Carl has bumped another boat coming off the ball in Caneel Bay   OOPS!
But its back to St Thomas to deliver Matt and Stephanie to their flight home.  We're sticking close to Carl and Dar just to make sure Captain Carl doesn't over do it.

Matt & Stephanie Jan 31,2012

It's been fun hanging out with them. I've never seen anyone climb a palm tree that fast in bare feet just to get his lady a fresh coconut.
It's almost the end of their holiday and just has to be topped off with a visit and lunch at Pussers in Soper's Hole, before we head back to Charlotte Amalie

Matt, Stephanie, Gord, Sue, Carl and Dar

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Immortalized in Song Jan 29,2012

Carl and Dar are taking Matt and Stephanie over to experience the wonders of Willy T's and we don't think we can survive that so soon after our last visit, so we are heading to Cane Garden Bay, for the first time.

Lovely white beach, absolutely lined with beach chairs. All empty. Where have all the tourists gone?

Where have all the Tourists Gone?

Prime Beachfront Cemetary. Go figure
Hit the Elm Beach Bar in the evening, danced the night away and met some great locals. Fabulous BBQ put on as well.  It got late and as we danced Gord said  " take me home now or lose me forever"   I think that line will be featured in a song at Myetts down the beach. A musician and his wife were within hearing distance , he loved the line and plans to incorporate it into a song. Guess that means we'll be forced to come back and dance some more.  How awful!
Elm Beach bar
A trip to the rum distillery netted us some pretty potent brew, called " Panty Remover Rum"   so smooth you won't know what hit you.

Myetts was of course on the hit list for the next night, but our song writter was not be heard that night. Writing a song that quick would be beyond the call of duty. Another reason to come this way again sometime.

Instead there was a one man band that was incredible. He did the longest medleys in history, made up of the most outrageous combinations from Please Release Me" to "Who Let the Dogs Out"

These Caribbean folks have a weird idea of Gardening.  It's either a pretty strange pot for their plants or a pretty strange Place for their plants. 

It's a Car Garden?

Finishing our stay with a spectacular Sunset display. How could it get any better than this?

Off to Jost Jan 28,2012

Ivans Stress free bar- covered in shells

White Bay

Soggyied out and heading back to the Boat

Beach at the Soggy Dollar
First a stop in Francis bay, to snorkel , then on to Great Harbour to anchor outside Foxy's and then dinghy to the Soggy Dollar Bar at White Bay for some fun. 
Its a crazy place, with white sand and party central and of course not to be missed.
Ivans Stress Free Bar is covered in shells from top to bottom. I think if I had to glue all those on. I'd be stressed.

Another Birthday Jan 26, 2012

Mine this time.   After that great sail here to attand our big Small Vessel Registry Interview, it was over in about 2 min. Now we can phone check in to the US .. how cool is that?
Carl and Dar have picked up their company and we've all gone off for a birthday lunch and a shopping trip to Cardow jewellers.  My green diamond is not to be had, in a natural state, so I've settled for a gorgeous square cut Blue Topaz, surrounded by diamond chips.  Dar picked out a classy garnet ring. I think we've been hanging out much too much, me choosing jewellery over a new Camera. I just can't believe it.

New Bling

Sailboat owners Gord and Sue aboard their 55' Whitby Ketch "Ocean Wings" share their adventures and travels as they start their retirement, living their dream of seeing the world from oceanside.
Ocean Wings is a recent purchase and our first foray into the Sailing Lifestyle. We're excited and a little scared. Join us in our adventure.