Sunday, February 12, 2012

Immortalized in Song Jan 29,2012

Carl and Dar are taking Matt and Stephanie over to experience the wonders of Willy T's and we don't think we can survive that so soon after our last visit, so we are heading to Cane Garden Bay, for the first time.

Lovely white beach, absolutely lined with beach chairs. All empty. Where have all the tourists gone?

Where have all the Tourists Gone?

Prime Beachfront Cemetary. Go figure
Hit the Elm Beach Bar in the evening, danced the night away and met some great locals. Fabulous BBQ put on as well.  It got late and as we danced Gord said  " take me home now or lose me forever"   I think that line will be featured in a song at Myetts down the beach. A musician and his wife were within hearing distance , he loved the line and plans to incorporate it into a song. Guess that means we'll be forced to come back and dance some more.  How awful!
Elm Beach bar
A trip to the rum distillery netted us some pretty potent brew, called " Panty Remover Rum"   so smooth you won't know what hit you.

Myetts was of course on the hit list for the next night, but our song writter was not be heard that night. Writing a song that quick would be beyond the call of duty. Another reason to come this way again sometime.

Instead there was a one man band that was incredible. He did the longest medleys in history, made up of the most outrageous combinations from Please Release Me" to "Who Let the Dogs Out"

These Caribbean folks have a weird idea of Gardening.  It's either a pretty strange pot for their plants or a pretty strange Place for their plants. 

It's a Car Garden?

Finishing our stay with a spectacular Sunset display. How could it get any better than this?

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