Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Launch

We're finally in the water. Extracted from the mud of the storage yard and sitting proudly in slip B7 with our newly painted hull, our sails in place and our new name and hailing port displayed on the stern.
There was defnitely that sigh of relief, she floats and she doesn't leak, so we're ready to push off in the moring and head cross to the US Virgins in pursuit of some packages containing some wonderful new instruments. Oh No more work! the rewarding kind that doesn't leave the muscles so sore. I can hardly wait.

The Change

Today was busy. The vinyl for our new name arrived by courier today so its out with the old and in with the new.

The sailing vessel "Furthur" is no longer.

As Gord says now she feels like "our" boat.

We have our summer wings and now have our winter wings.

And " Ocean Wings" is born

Monday, November 16, 2009

Rain, Rain go Away, come again some other day

Well today was to be launch day, worked and worked to get everything ready. the weatherman had other ideas and with a huge thunderstorm raging around us, we're in the hotel doing paperwork instead.  Does hurricane season follow the old saying of " In like a lamb, out like a lion"  if so we hope its it's last hurrah as we're ready for some of that famous caribbean weather with sunshine and steady breezes.   Maybe tomorrow??

Getting Her Ready

The fall has arrived and we've been planning all summer for our return to the BVI's and a little/ or a lot of work before we set sail and see the caribbean.
As luck would have it a friend , that we met last year in Nanny Cay, offered his assistance in getting the boat ready. And since Sue was still tied to home for all of November and couldn't accompany Gord it was an offer we couldn't refuse.
Gord and Irek are now in Tortola , blue as can be, covered in dust from sanding and bottom painting.
Meanwhile Sue is at home, packing up some necessary supplies and taking almost daily calls with additions to the growing list.  the shipping company will be "rubbing their hands with glee"
Sailboat owners Gord and Sue aboard their 55' Whitby Ketch "Ocean Wings" share their adventures and travels as they start their retirement, living their dream of seeing the world from oceanside.
Ocean Wings is a recent purchase and our first foray into the Sailing Lifestyle. We're excited and a little scared. Join us in our adventure.