Sunday, March 13, 2016

Skunks Ron Performs

Hung out at the bar at Emerald beach so we could catch some tunes from Skunky Ron. Great 50,s 60,s 70,s 80,s etc.
There are tons of stories how skunky got his name. Some say it's got to do with smell, his that is, following a particularity potent dinner that didn't quite agree; others claim it's a style of music, still others that it's just bad b.o.  Truth is it was following a particularly stress time following a divorce and death and overnight a white stripe appeared in in his hair.  The hairs all white now , but the name stuck. 
By the way skunky got married on the beach today to a great gal that confirmed it had nothing to do with odors.

Dinner crawled right into the pot

Lobster for dinner tonight.  Yum

Only in the islands

On the safari the other day.  , which is really a glorified pick up truck with 4 rows of seats in the truck  bed and a roof for cover and were on our way to town from our anchorage, for just $1.00. The bus is full and were movin along when we pass the local cemetery. No Ones looking to get off, but we pull over anyway. Driver jumps out and runs into the cemetery, down the rows a way and stops.  With his back to us he stands for a few minutes and it's obvious to all aboard the bus that when 
ya gotta go ya gotta go.  Don't know who's flowers he was watering, but hope they appreciate the gesture.  Back in the bus and on our way like it's just another pit stop. 
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