Sunday, May 9, 2010

Back to Reality

It was a great flight and an on time landing with Mom waiting to pick us up ( Thank god for Mom's)
What was I saying in an earlier posting about boats being fix, fix, fix ?  We'll our Gran Prix await our return in Mom's driveway in Florida was either wanting to saty in the sunny south or pissed that we had abandoned her for so long, because she started right up ( just to let us know she could) then promptly went totally dead and wouldn't even turn over with a boost. Another new battery... I think we should invest in some shares in a battery company.
So, we're ready to go? No.  Now it seems the brakes are leaking. So we bought a case of brake fluid and headed out.
On the road again, with the walkie talkies hummin and the brakes a squirtin.  There were a couple of touchy moments when I had to make the decision on a yellow light to go thru and risk having the crazies that are jumping the lights hit Mom's car in the front or stop sudden, knowing that Gord behind me will probably crawl into our trunk. It all worked out and we arrived safely home.
Can you believe it's snowing?????

Last Swim

The work is over for this season and it'll soon be time to catch our flight home.
I need one more swim in that beautiful turquiose ocean and Gord needs one view of the bay and final sunset.

On the Hard

.....meaning our baby is now out of the water and on hard land.  And it was a very , very smooth landing. Gord got very little sleep thinking about backing her into the narrow channel for the travel lift. With a single engine, cross wind and a boat that backs up like a wet noodle, I and most sailboat owners could sympathize, but it went smooth and trouble free. Sails are down, dinghy is aboard and covered, everything left in the boat is zip lock bagged and now the finally cleaning, stowing and bombing to protect against  insects and critters is all thats left.

Hauling Out

It's a mixed feeling time. Happy to be heading home to see family and friends, but sad to be leaving our boat, this lifestyle and our new friends.
We've been sitting at anchor in North Sound now for a week, getting the preliminary work done. bagging, cleaning and sorting.  Glad to have lots of cabinet space as it makes the process so much easier.So, its into the marina for haul out the next morning.  We're a little squeezed in by the big boys, but the docking went smooth and according the plan that Gord rehearsed in his head about a million times.
Sailboat owners Gord and Sue aboard their 55' Whitby Ketch "Ocean Wings" share their adventures and travels as they start their retirement, living their dream of seeing the world from oceanside.
Ocean Wings is a recent purchase and our first foray into the Sailing Lifestyle. We're excited and a little scared. Join us in our adventure.