Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Change

Today was busy. The vinyl for our new name arrived by courier today so its out with the old and in with the new.

The sailing vessel "Furthur" is no longer.

As Gord says now she feels like "our" boat.

We have our summer wings and now have our winter wings.

And " Ocean Wings" is born


  1. I love the name! Looking good! :-) Cheers! Tammy

  2. Hi. Suzanne: My name is Iona Barton (used to be Fraser-Palmer)and you might remember me from SDSS. Brenda Slack sent me this through Mike Bridges. I think what you are doing is incredibly, brave, exciting and one of the most beautiful adventures anyone could hope for. Have a fabulous time and send us lots of pics. Congratulations to you both.


Sailboat owners Gord and Sue aboard their 55' Whitby Ketch "Ocean Wings" share their adventures and travels as they start their retirement, living their dream of seeing the world from oceanside.
Ocean Wings is a recent purchase and our first foray into the Sailing Lifestyle. We're excited and a little scared. Join us in our adventure.