Friday, February 17, 2012

Mishap Gordon Feb 3,2012

After our trip toCharlotte Amalie to drop off the Kids, we need some rest.
We've never been to Hawksnest Bay before. It's a lovely beach , but a rolly anchorage.... Aren't they all?

Thought we'd get off our rolly ball and grab one that was tucked in closer to the rocks, possible a bit more sheltered. We cruised over only to find it's a day ball only, as we try to abort and miss the rocks at the same time, a quick turn puts the stern and of course the prop right over the ball and its line.
Clunk, clunk, stop!
Oh oh!  I've never seen anyone drop an anchor so fast.  As, I've dove on the last 2 mishaps, it's Gord's turn to get in the water and do the untangle thing.
Accomplished and no harm done. Thank God

Next day we jump aboard Carls Cat " Aquarius" and head to Cruz Bay for breakfast and a ham radio gathering. With our dinghy tied behind on a nice long painter, kind of forgot that you can't back up or......
Clunk, clunk, stop!
Back in the water for Gord with a knife and a borrowed swimsuit.
Accomplished and no harm done. Thank you God

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