Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Just not Carl Feb 7-13, 2012

He's lethargic, forgetfull and just not Carl. Their daughter, an emergency doctor in San Francisco, says get him to St. Thomas hospital NOW.
So, back we go, with Aquarius following.
Ever tried to anchor 2 boats. Gord's got it down pat. First ours, then drop the dinghy, motor over to Aquarius, jump aboard while Dar does dohnuts, then anchor it .  The chore was getting Carl off the boat and into the dinghy, then out again.
St Thomas has a lovely new, modern hospital with an awesome cafeteria as we found out during our 3 days hanging out there.
Met some great people in the waiting room, Don and Deanna, also here with their friend and his injured arm.
The news for Carl is not so good, His Neurologist Dr D Weisher says he has a brain tumor and needs to go home ASAP. This guy seems top notch and seems pretty sure. We're all much more optimistic.

We all had an amazing conversation with Dr who always believed in science and not spirits, afterlife or reincarnation. However, his years as a neurologist have turned him into a believer of all of the above and he has written a book with all his first hand experiences. "Mysteries of Consciousness"

So, we get a flight booked on Monday for Carl and Dar to head home and they release him on steroids to control the swelling in his brain.

Back in the harbour on Aquarius, its eat out the fridge time. Tony and Margaret come by on their new Hylas and Chris and Fran on their Hylas "Changes", and next we know we're getting an email from Bill and Maryann on "Seminole Wind"  to look to starboard as they are anchored beside us. So happy hour is truly happy and does a lot to perk up Carl .  In fact the old Carl re-emerges in his Tab wig and persona, with his lovely lady in her Bambi alias.  His planned birthday party is moved up and a bunch of crazy pirates board their boat for a crazy fun dinner.
The Rum does flow!!!

Party animals

Pirate Tab, wenches Maryann, Bambi( Dar) & Sue

The Thong Inspector donning his wares

More Rum

Dar and Fran

Bill, Chris and Carl

Birthday boy

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