Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What to do with Aquarius??? Feb 13- 19, 2012

Their flight has gone and Carl is on his way to getting that thing out of his head.

Now, what to do with Aquarius.?  Bill and Maryann are hanging around to help us get her back to Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour for haul out and storage.

I'm soloing , this time in a boat not a Cessna.

Solo Navigation St Thomas to Virgin Gorda

Gord did his magic, upped the anchor on Ocean Wings and leaving me alone on the helm, then Bill swung by and delivered him to Aquarius, he upped that anchor and all three boats are caravaning east to Virgin Gorda, with a stop tonight at Francis Bay ( 1/2 point) . Then its a repeat in reverse to grab moorings for all three boats.

It's a happy hour/Dinner celebration of a successful Solo voyage.  Plus we have to try and make a dent in the groceries aboard Aquarius. She looks so lonely sitting there beside us empty and sad.

Those pesky north swells have come in during the night... had hoped to beat them.   News from Virgin Gorda is it's very rough, so maybe not adviseable to try to bring in an unfamiliar boat. We're stuck in Francis for three nights, but use the time to swim, snorkel and start to get Aquarius ready to close up.

We repeat our anchoring routine, but this time Gord is down to one engine on Aquarius, some kind of tricky engine water pump belt. But he's a pro and brings her into the haul out without mishap. Bill and Maryann have been a god send with their help getting here and now with the work to properly close her up so there will be no surprises next year when Carl returns.

Aquarius in Haul Out

Setting her down

While we are cleaning, changing oil, fogging engines, stowing sails, removing bimini, bagging everything and doing laundry......

Carl is in surgery to remove that tumor.

They think they got most of it, and he knew names, people, the date and appears to have no paralysis, which was the major concern with its location.  CELEBRATION!!!!!

Sue, Bill & Maryann

Aquarius is hauled and put to bed. Here's hoping Carl will be back to enjoy her again next season.

Put to bed


  1. thank you so much for your help getting aquarius home and safe. i wish it would have happened while we were there to help. We heard what happened and felt horrible that we couldnt do anything. You two are amazing.
    -Matt and Stephanie

    1. Matt & Stephanie

      Boaters are a great community. You do what you can and know that it could someday be you and would hope someone would be there to help.
      It was great meeting you. Cheer up Carl and assure him that Aquarius is safe, sound and awaiting his return.

      Sue and Gord


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