Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Saved by a Naked Guy!

Our rescue was necessitated when on our way back across Charlotte Amalie harbour to Ocean Wings, the Dinghy engine quit.  I know, you've heard this song before, but I swear this is not going to be another of those "year of the Dinghy fiascos". In this case just a loose hose, in need of a clamp.

However, we started rowing,  when into their dinghy jumps three guys, coming to give us a tow.
Two were dressed, one was not!, he stood up and handed us a line and politely told us we should tie it on to something. Giving instruction like a seasoned sailor, while announcing to us.....I'm  naked!  Like we didn't notice.

Did I forget to mention, he was with his dad and brother and was only about 4-5 years old, curly haired, tanned from head to tow and obviously totally knew just what to do to tow another sailor in distress.   As I said, a seasoned sailor and cute as a button.

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