Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Boat show Time Oct 2013

Boat shows are the best. you get to preview all the latest gadgets the you probably don't need but manage to convince yourself that you just can't live without, so you buy them and pat yourself on the back for getting such bargains on such great stuff at such a discount because you bought it at the show.

Lots of Nifty Gadgets
We're no different, we love the gadgets. This year we bought the latest and greatest in stainless polish, nifty new fluorescent, indestructible, self wrapping chaffing gear, new snubbing gear, power winch ( we're getting pretty old and worried about all that cranking), latest LED navigation lights and various bits and parts that I'm really not sure what they do.
Rain or Shine, the shopping must go on

We developed quite an intimate relationship with the glue guy this year  after eating lunch at Pussers and breaking off a front tooth on one of their extra unexpected long tined forks.  His glue came to the rescue and I could continue to smile without looking like an old salty dog.

A new 52' Shannon, we can all dream
Previewing the latest and greatest of new boats is nothing short of a drool fest.  Our favorite?  The swing keel Shannon that can take the ocean swells , then come right in to the Bahama shallows.

Then rounding a corner, who should appear but our friends from Toronto; Gar and Helen, owners of a 40 ft Valiant back in Toronto. They were just as shocked to see us as we were to see them, so we had some fun dinners in Annapolis swapping stories.

Gar , Helen & Sue

You'll hear more about Gar and Helen in March when they arrive to share some sailing with us aboard Ocean Wings and check out the Virgin Islands for a future trip down aboard their Valiant.

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