Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Heading South

The holiday festivities are over and we hit the road.  We're driving a New Mercedes down this year for a couple who winter in the Bradenton area. Posh wheels and we tried very hard not to give it back, but the boat was calling.

It seems like every year, the first thing we pack is the cold we just got from our grandkids, why should this year be any different. So the second thing we pack is the cough syrup, throat lozenges and tylenol.  Grandkids are awesome!!

Let's not forget all that lovely, absolutely necessary stuff we got at the boat show, it comes too. All packed into 3 large, stuffed duffle bags. two wheeled carry-ons full of all the necessary electronics, camers, ipads, computers, Mp3 players, Wii console, internet hotspots for each country, epirb, memory sticks, along with a few of the very heavy boat parts.  Then a tote each for the personal items and we are official on the road. They sure do love those carry-ons at the airport security check ins, masses of electronics, with wires streaming in every direction. Goes without saying that they always get opened and pulled apart.
I do usually get lots of accolades for the amount of stuff I can manage to stuff into such a small space.  Must be the boating experience??

Driving through the mountain in January is not for the faint of heart , Fog, rain, Ice, snow and lots of Road pizza that didn't make it across those 6 lane interstates. Sirius radio and those posh wheels made it seem like a piece of cake.

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