Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The reason we go...... and the reason we stay

We start our boating season in January, coincidentally right after Christmas.
 Sadie the Pirate and Owen the Dragon 
We have a couple of little reasons for that late start and they are called Sadie and Owen, Ben and Nick.

Our little princess
The family entertainer
Gord would happily head south earlier but I just don't want to miss the adorable little trick or treater's.
Then the amazing choreography work that goes into the annual Christmas concerts.

The hype and preparation for Santa's arrival and the sheer wonder that even though they only behaved well enough to get a lump of coal. Santa loves them and came through just the same.

Junior family members having Christmas fun

Santas arrival

Santa loves Ben too
Karen & Nick
Sadie and Owen Christmas day

Now the reason we leave, especially this year has a whole lot to do with scrapping off cars, trudging through snowbanks, ice storms and power outages.  Not to even mention the -30 to -40 degree weather.  Who would voluntarily stay??? 


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