Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Problems, problems, so many problems

   We know we're getting older, cause the trek to the top of the ladder for the 50th time today has really ggot us pooped and then of course there's the work once you get up there.

We're replacing a leaky throughull and learned just how thick our hull is!   a full, measured 2 inches.
I think the old girl will keep us pretty safe.   

our Hull thickness



Our forestay plate had to come off- nasty messy, job, which Gord did by climbing into the chain locker and by wearing his handy ,dandy designer work hat. Isn't he cute.

Then I got to scrape the nasty old 5200 off in anticipation of the newly welded, newly strong and ever so shiny plate that's ready to go back on.
Its an important part of the rigging as it holds the jib furler onto the bow of the boat. There be no sailin' without that shiny bit of stainless.


Great news is the engine started on the first crank. Bad news is the Genny didn't.

But we're ready and plopping her in the water just the same so we can head to St Thomas to get some quotes on replacing any rigging that might be at the end of its rope ( no pun intended)  its time for a new insurance survey and we want to make sure we pass and stuff like this spinnaker halyard block would terrify even the most seasoned rigger.  I have to say it definitely freaked me out last season when Gord hoisted me up the mast using that nasty bit of equipment.

Hallelujah, the genny is not broken, just a cracked, loose wire and she too fires right up.

We're ready for the water! Splash!, the fridge fires up, gives a huge belch of water out the  side of the boat and stops.  Will the problems never cease?

Its Friday, the riggers aren't expecting us till Monday and Mike, our fridge repair guy is already on high alert, so we grab bags of ice to go, a few groceries and were off to Francis Bay for the weekend.

Francis Bay is calm, sunny and quiet and wouldn't you know just as I have the end of the mooring line drop into the water, Gord hits the bow thruster......  chunk, chunk, chunk, chunk and i'm sure you can guess what gets sucked in and caught.  It was already 5pm and I figured I'd missed my swim. Nope, got to go in and retrieve the line out of the bow thruster propeller. Its just a little chewed,  I got my swim and all is AOK in paradise and we finally take a little R & R break from the work and just swim and relax.

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