Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Boat Yard- On the Hard

Ferry ride to Virgin Gorda
I'm supposed to get them up there , How???
Now this is not the place of tropical dreams. Smelly, dusty, hard , hard work from dawn to dusk all done climbing up a 30 ft ladder.   Paradise!?!

The best part is there is no snow, ice or any minus anything temperatures.

The second best part is hooking up with friends from previous years that are all here doing the same dusty, dirty work all day that we do.

Happy hour is at 6pm outside Buck's were the company is fun and the beer is cold.

Gord, Tom, Mike & Betts at Bucks
This year Meg and Tom beat us all here only to find out that their engine had seized, so they are sitting at the dock awaiting the arrival of a new engine and making the best of it by swimming, dancing and enjoying that cold beer.  Mike and Betts are here from Vancouver and are almost ready to launch.  Carl and Leslie just finished bottom painting their catamaran and will most likely launch first. In fact, they splashed this afternoon and are on their way to North Sound.

Ocean Wings was in pretty good shape, but the strong winds that went through in November and December took out some of our messenger lines, so the challenge is now to get our halyards up and through the top of the mast so we can hoist sails. The winds also played havoc with our lazy jack lines and they chaffed through at the top. Challenge is just to figure out how they go back up.

The unveiling
More Luggage

Up the mast

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