Monday, April 7, 2014

Hopping Home

Just me, leaving Gord in the sunny Caribbean with the boat while I head home to fight the justice fight.


front walk
This was most definitely a great year to be south. I could not believe the ice and snow that was still piled up even in mid March.

My Motion materials were all filed thanks to sister Wendy who ran around getting everything by deadline.
However, the judge only has half a day and is going to hear Biggars Limitation argument and my response. After stalling and horsing around this action for a year and a half, she presented only 7 minutes of argument, that I thought was pretty lame ( I'm biased of course)
I did 45 minutes of response and feel pretty good about what I presented.

She will not rule on what was presented until the balance is heard,  which is my motion for summary judgment on the whole of the statement of claim is argued.  Treating as a whole, as per the new determination on that rule.

Hopefully that will be the end of it all. I'd certainly like my life and my money back.

The bonus in going home was getting to see Sadie and Owen, Tif and Bob. That's always my favorite place to hang out.




Plus I got a family visit with a bowling night at Wendy and Elmers, as well as a little boat shopping , so I could take a few goodies/necessities back to Gord.
Bowling night

Miles took to bowling - check out that foot action

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