Thursday, March 27, 2014

Gar and Helen Arrive Mar 2- 11

We've been awaiting their arrival as we know we will have fun and great conversation when they're aboard.

Helen just could not wait to hit the long pristine white beach in Culebrita
Amazing pizza at Heathers
Birthday Boy, we were polite and didn't ask his age, but we figure he's at least 21 by the number of candles
Just a blowhard
Another blowhard
Helen was the best blowhard of all, 17 seconds on the Conch - to win a case of beer
Had to snorkel those famous "Indians"
They love to sail aboard their own Valiant, "white star" . We're hoping they won't be disappointed down here, we're in a huge calm and it takes at least 10 knots to move a 20 ton boat, and if that's not enough, all the islands run east west, so straight into the wind is quite the norm here, but we will try to get some sails up.
Gar n Helen

We're off to Culebrita as hope we'll get a good downwind sail.   Wouldn't you know it?  the ocean is like  a huge mirror, smooth, calm and glassy.  So much for out downwind sail


Meeting Michael Bean after his pirate show

Jumbies were a hit

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