Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Don't you get bored, just sitting around on a sailboat everyday???

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 It's those that have never had the opportunity to enjoy life aboard, that often ask that question.

Those that have never dinghy'd 2 miles thru the waves , so they can tie up, hike another 1/2 mile to the grocery store, lug it all back to the dinghy, dinghy back 2 miles, carry it up a six ft ladder, across the deck, down  a 5 step ladder and wash, bag and stow it all.  It's a whole day, well spent if you don't want to starve.

Laundry day is a similar routine, that gives you the pleasure of spending hours in a sweltering Laundromat that charges $7.00 in a slow washer and close to that for a drier.  Boating..... I love it!

Here's a pictorial sneak peak into life aboard a cruisers sailboat.

swimming with the fishies

swinging from the yard arm

hoping to catch a lobster dinner

keeping our selves and friends out of hot water

walking the beach

watching harbour TV

enjoying the stars

welcoming family aboard
munching on the beach

watching the neighbours anchor and tie up the sails

getting places

rainbows almost everyday

beach bumming

getting coral out of places it should never be

heading to the next bay

scrubbing off at the end of the day


snorkelling the indians

squeezing to tiny Hot places

swimming off the boat
dancing up a storm

dinner out with friends

the painkiller blues

enjoying the scenery

getting in on some pirate action

getting off the boat

trash removal

driving lessons?

hanging overboard

happy hour at the dinghy dock pub

heading snorkelling

up the channel

hiking to high, old crumbly places

installing luxuries ( TV )
lining up the painkillers
water run- need that watermaker
meeting interesting characters

$200 in groceries by dinghy

avoiding the pretty coral

being amazed and entertained

beach bonfires with friends

bumper boats at the dinghy dock

checking out the neighbours

chillin on the bow

BORED?    No Never!

making dinner

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