Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Cane Garden Bay Feb 20-22

Busy anchorage
. Its our turn to be harbour TV.

The moorings have pretty terrible tethers, the harbour is crowded to say the least, with boats anchored in between the moorings and we're heading for the last ball before the cat that wants to run us over cuts us off and grabs it. Got it and lost it.  Why are there no brakes on a boat?? 
However a little drift back and it pops up from under our hull and we're secure

Looking down on Cane Garden Bay, BVI

The beach is soft, white and clean and the beach bars are lined up all the way from end to the other, so its a rocking place every day of the week.
So, Its dancing time!!!

 Now we're not just here to dance, Brian is going up the mast to check put the things that Skippy did and more importantly didn't do, when we spent that week in Independent at the dock for rigging.
Brian's opinion is one we trust.
So here he is swinging from the Yardarm , so to speak, checking us out.  Turns out I'm a bit of a worrier and there are relatively few real issues.


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