Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Credit Card Captains

They abound, especially in the BVI's which is such a charter base.
"Credit Card Captains" are those that qualify to rent and run a boat based on the balance on their credit card.  The only experience necessary is the ability to sign their name. These are usually the ones that provide the most entertainment on Harbour TV ( the pastime of watching the credit card captains as they anchor, moor or lower the dinghy)  but just as often are both annoying and dangerous.

Their first love is to pull up in front of you, anchor on top of your anchor, then back up on you so you'll get to see what delicious delicacies they are having for dinner and so you can join into their dinner conversation.

Their next favorite place is right beside you, and I mean right beside you, necessitating fenders all round.

They  seem to think that through the anchorage is where they're supposed to show how fast their boat can go, how quick it can turn and how close they can come without bumping into anyone.

Cruising through the channels they have no idea of right of way, they just cut across your bow and wave hello like you're their new best friend.

Our most recent "Credit card Captain" was a family in a trawler, with her driving and him on the bow.
We had just managed to get our anchor up and out from under the catamaran of the Credit Card Captain that was directly in front of us, leaving us little room to maneuver past him and between the boat next to him, but we are on our way, when the Trawler drops off the mooring line and heads across our path.  Now we have a boat on either side and one blocking our path.

That's when the Credit Card Captain of the catamaran decides to inform the Credit Card Captain of the trawler that he's on an anchor, not a ball and the trawler is way too close and in danger of running into his anchor chain.
So, naturally the Credit Card Captain of the trawler stops dead 20 ft in front of us to discuss the matter and we have no where to go but into reverse.
Now , Ocean Wings is a temperamental old girl that does not like to back up and when she does she wiggles her ass  hard to starboard, which in this case will swing our bow around and over into the little boat on our other side.

He watches frozen!!! while we yell fenders, fenders, fenders. Finally he and Gord both push eachother off and no harm is done to either boat.
The Credit Card Captain  of the Trawler putts off on her merry way, quite oblivious to the near disaster she almost caused.

It's truly amazing that some people actually wonder why boats sink!

Credit Card Captains Go Home!

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