Wednesday, February 16, 2011

We're Sailing Again!

After having a wonderful dinner, christening our new cock pit table last night with Bill and Mayanne, we jockeyed for the fuel dock at 8:30 this morning and are cruising down the Drake passage toward St Thomas, as we speak.    Internet onboard!   Decadence like you wouldn't believe in this part of world.


  1. Sooooooo excited for Wendy/Elmer to join you guys!! Can't wait to see pics of them on your beautiful boat!! 3 weeks - we're all sooooooo jealous back in Canada land!!

  2. Did Mom and Elmer make it okay?
    Hope you're all having a great time!


Sailboat owners Gord and Sue aboard their 55' Whitby Ketch "Ocean Wings" share their adventures and travels as they start their retirement, living their dream of seeing the world from oceanside.
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