Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sue saves the boat!!! Again.

 Leaving ourselves an extra day to get to the rendevue with Wendy and Elmer , we thought was plenty of time.  We're cruising along thru the narrow cut by Christmas cove and the far end of St Thomas, the ocean converges and the currents are wicked. Suddenly the engine gives a cough and shuts itself off. Thank god we we're also under sail and cruised right thru. We exchanged panicked glances and Gord hi tailed it below to check out the situation. Couldn't find anything wrong. Turned the key and she sputtered to life.  Again, the exchanged glances.... what was that all about.

Hold on ! I'm getting to the Sue saves the boat part.

At anchor in Charlotte Amalie harbour, we shop  and then I sew the new memory foam topper cover , so they will have a comfee bed.
Next morning we do a few more errands and up the anchor to head to Lindberg, where we can just dinghy in to get them.

We were so pleased with ourselves over the new anchor and the nice new yellow ball that is our anchor marker.  How easy to see just where the anchor was. Great!!.

It was a little muddy , so I drove forward while Gord hung the anchor to wash it off.
Suddenly its  chunk, chunk, shutter , shutter, clank and the strong smell of burning rubber.

Oh, No! where is that cute little anchor ball.... No where to be seen.

The nav instruments are shaking like crazy and the whole boat is shuttering.  A quick turn around and we drop that sucker again.

We exchange those panicky glances again, must be the anchor ball, wrapped around our prop.

Gord's famous words repeat themselves. Someone has to go in the water and take a look.   He thinks I'm a better swimmer ( definitely float better)   so in I go.

That nice little ball is bobbing underwater and wrapped around our drive shaft about 20 times.

About 30 breathes and 30 dives sawing away and it is finally free and the cord must be also sawed off. When I'm finally panting and out of steam the last strand breaks and we are back in business.

Back on the boat and over to Lindbergh is only and hour to spare.  We  are ready????? for our guests.

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