Sunday, February 6, 2011

Fifteen Hours of Up-Wind Pounding

With  gusts of over 20  knots, just to get here to St Maarten, now we are sitting in the Lagoon and waiting for quotes, and workers and the wind is so strong it's blowing Gord's prized solar lights right off the boat and into... you guessed it.. the deep blue sea.  Goodbye.

We've made the rounds of every chandlery on the Island and have made many a dinghy trip thru the waves, with those cool little Caribbean showers (salty that is) keeping us awake and anxious to get back on board.

We are sitting right now at Laggoonies Bar soaking up the local flavour, eavesdropping on the french conversations, soakin up the rum and grabbing some prized internet time. Yah!

Hope to have some pics to follow as we get those wish list upgrades installed.

It rains, it blows, then the sun comes out. It's the Caribbean and better than shovelling snow back in Canada.  So sorry to you guys that are back there doing just that.

Over and Out from Ocean Wings.... for now!

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