Friday, February 11, 2011

Warm tropical Nights, beach bars, good friends & Rum , rum and more rum....

Sounds like paradise.. Right!
Here we are in the tropics, but the the winds are howling at 20- 25 kts, which whips up the waves and makes it impossible to get to those Beach bars.
However we are brave souls and we  and Marion and Bill aboard Seminole wind, whom we met up with here in Simpson Bay lagoon, decided to go to Skip Jacks for a seafood dinner. 

Of across the bay we go in the dark with flashlights and raincoats looking forward to a great dinner and good company.  With four in the dinghy it was slow going up the waves, down the waves and up the waves again.

We did arrive in 1 pce, but the raincoats , must be only made for rain, not waves that wash over the front of the dinghy, hit you in the face and then run down underneathe the front of your jacket.
On arrival, the first stop was the ladies room, where we were able to remove our capris and ring them out in the sink, so we could sit thru dinner in comfort????. 

It was a great dinner, we had wonderful conversation and  shared anecdotes of previous adventures.

Then guess what?  we turned around and did it all again.  Aren't boaters a resilient lot. 
Thank God for hot showers onboard, and of course another rum .

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