Friday, February 11, 2011

New Cockpit Table

We'll we've have accomplished a few things here in St Maarten as we sit in the scuzzy lagoon.
Paul, "our table man"
The new cockpit table is to be installed today... slow work on the carpenters side... but worth it.

The wished for swim platform is not to be on this trip, after hours  of measuring and consulting the french welder seemed to develop huge attitude and decided he wouldn't now have time to make it. S'ai la vie!!!

A new Rochna anchor is being hauled aboard as we speak and I've managed a little sewing, nice vinyl covers on the fridge/freezer cushions for one and  jack lines for hooking onto as you sail in rough weather( just a little insurance to make sure everyone that's supposed to be onboard, stays onboard.


Our New Rochna
Hope to be out of here Sunday for our trip back to St Thomas to pick up Wendy and Elmer for their adventure onboard.
We'll just have to come back to do our sightseeing, island hopping and snorkeling.
Oh well,  just 15 hours of pounding away.

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  1. Wow! what an adventure. I am so happy for you.
    just got a book on the Virgins. They are so nice.
    Glad your latest post is from March and you are all OK. I guess you won't be meeting up with Thai and Peter, who discovered a Trawler can't be a sailboat. Cheers, Rudi


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