Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tropical Rock n" Roll

It'd be nice to say that this was a new variation on rock n' roll dancing, and I guess in some ways its very much a dance, but not a fun one.
You know those north swells I was mentioning in my last post . Well they arrived in the middle of the night and turned our idyllic little anchorage and our boat into a milkshake machine.
Is it possible for a 55 ft structure that is 16 ft wide to roll side to side. end to end and corner to corner , ALL at same time?  You bet! Try sleeping in that! Impossible! 
Boats are amazing things in that the design of the hull and keel usually mean that at anchor or a mooring the boat will point into the wind giving a nice gentle moving motion  as well as a cool breeze down the hatches . And trust me I need that breeze.
But, those nasty north swells have a tendancy to bring in rolling swells that are stronger than the breeze. The swells hit the keel sideways and start the boat a rockin' side to side and it doesn't point into the wind. Sending us and the boat into that new Rock n' Roll dance.
Mr Disney must have been a boater when he came up with the concept of some of our modern thrill rides, but man has not yet mastered that impossible motion that nature can produce on a whim. If it could be duplicated I'd dub it "The Milkshake"

Now, you ask! How do you fix that? Boaters have 2 solutions. First try a stern anchor that will pull the boat into the wind the way man intended and nature fights. Second, Move to a quieter anchorage and at first light that's exactly what Dream Maker and Ocean Wings did.  Back to Leverick Bay for a " Good Days" sleep. 

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  1. Hi Sue and Gord, I am a friend of your Mom, Marie. Richard and I are getting married 4-17-2010 and we are doing the same thing you are doing. except we are on land in our 38-J Winnebago Motor Home. We are leaving april 19th for the next 6 months to travel the USA. We have just put together a blog htt://mundayontheroad.blogspot.com/ and when I sent it to Marie she sent me yours. Wow.. what a beauty you have.. This is fun and cain't wait to get started. Sue I think I met you once at bingo with your Mom. My Mom was Ruth Bee and a good friend to your Mom. She passed last September and I miss her. I still keep in touch with your Mom once in a while. Have a blast.. we only come this way once and better to enjoy life while we can.
    Bonnie and Richard Munday


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