Monday, March 1, 2010

Nav Station Makeover

Who ever heard of a boat being built with a Nav Station that is fixed in place with no storage underneath? We all know that sailboats like to tip and everything not bolted, glued or tucked into cabinets goes everywhere. We haven’t been able to find a rubber computer so we figured we’d better tuck it away. Now neither of us are woodworkers, but I’m pretty accurate with a tape measure and Gord’s pretty adept with a saw.

So let’s chop up the Nav Station.

Measuring and marking took a whole day. NO, I’m not slow, boats are not square! The plan is to have everything precut by the woodworking yard and just assemble. So, the measuring is critical.

With tools ready and much consultation amongst ourselves, we make the first incision. Whoever built it did not mean for it to come apart, there were some tricky cuts and pieces to work around.

Reassembly? piece of cake. Everything just slotted into place like we knew what we were doing. The hinge was tricky, due to the lack of working space and I was forced to have my head tucked up under “someones” smelly armpit in order to hold it at the right angle.

Two mornings of work and the finished product is well worth the missed snorkeling.

Scratch that search for the rubber computer off the To Do List.

We have a working Nav Station.

Stay tuned for bench construction.

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