Monday, March 1, 2010


You’d think renting a car on St Thomas to do a little shopping and see more of the island, would be easy. You seem to see a rental agency on every corner. Alas, they are booked solid for weeks, the *#&* cruise ships. Joe to “OUR” rescue. He must have enjoyed his days off because he’s going to take another one and show us his Island. St Thomas is only 5 miles wide and 14 miles long. So guess what, all the roads seem to skirt the coast and what do we see? More harbors and Bays of course. The views are breathtaking! The roads are narrow and do not meander up the hills. They just go for it, straight up and straight down. When you’re driving on that opposite side, then you more often that not feel like you’re hanging off the edge. Yahoo!!

Adult milkshakes were a welcome pit stop. I had a cool-a-mint ( vanilla shake with Kaluha and crème de menthe) awesome. I think everything is spiked here on “Island Time”

Magens Bay is a huge Bay on the north shore, so with N.E trades predominant it is not often boat friendly, so we took a swing by. My goodness, wall to wall people bussed in from the cruise ships. Scratch that one off our list of quiet anchorages.

The tourists and locals were all friendly.

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