Monday, March 18, 2013

Housekeeping Chores

Our favorite mechanic- Joe
Feb 2-16

We're on the water and sitting in charlotte Amalie harbour waiting for Joe to fix our genny leak, so we can provision. meanwhile we are unbagging all the stuff we bagged last year and everything appears to be in good shape.

 Now that he has performed his magic we can provision.  Which is like starting your kitchen from scratch.

Everyone always askswhat we do all day, so I will explain that shopping for groceries is a multi day chore.
We get bags and our trundle cart ready to head for shore, pull the dinghy up on the beach or if we're luck have a dock to go to. Walk to the grocery store, which can be blocks away. Keeping an eye on weight and quantity, we load up on the basics, bag it, load our cart and head back to the boat, where it's all transferred to the dinghy and out to the boat. Then 1 small bag at a time, Gord hands it up 6 ft to me on deck and I tuck it here there and everywhere that it can't roll off. Then we transfer it down the companion way another 5 steps and start to unload it into miniscule cabinets, under floor boards and under settee.
By the time we finish, it's late afternoon and of course "Miller Time".

The next day we do the meat run, starting out the same, but grabbing the dollar taxi and heading for Cost U Less. Everything must fit compactly into the cart, so that it will fit into the narrow eisles on the dollar taxi or they won't let us on, then back to the boat with the same routine to get it repackaged and put into the freezer.

The next day, same time, same routine we head in and up to the fresh fruit market and this time when we return to the boat we must wash eerything in a solution of bleach, fully dry, wrap in paper towel and put into cloth bags.

Now that's 3 days to shop, I'm exhausted ! aren't you?

So a few more chores like dropping off a small sail repair to Manfred, some laundry, making up the V berth and a few swims in between we're pretty much ready for Gabi and Rudi to arrive.

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