Saturday, March 16, 2013

On The Hard Jan 21 -Feb 1, 2013

We did the usual routine, Mom, Wendy and Elmer drove us to the airport and we landed in St Thomas late at night and crashed at the Caribe, Grabbed a spot at the Petite Pump room, with a view of the harbour as we waited for our Ferry to Virgin Gorda  the next day.


Ocean Wings was in great shape, no mold, mildew, leaks or critters ( big or small). Now comes the hard on the hard. The hot, dusty work of putting her together and testing her systems so we can get into the water.

Bottom Painting

Nasty nasty job

Startng the varnishing process

Happy 63rd Birthday Sue

Now it's Birthday Time and oce again I am celebrating my birthday in the Sunny Caribbean, only this time we are still on the hard. So, it's up to the Mine Shaft for dinner with Bill and Marianne of "Seminole Wind" for great painkillers and an amazing view over the south side of Virgin Gorda.

There I discover that my knowledge of chickens is saddly lacking, as there perched in a 30 ft tree staring back at us is a family of tree roosting chickens. Will wonders never cease!

Tree Roosting Chicken family

Then it's back to Fishers Cove for the band and some Funnnnnnnnn!

                                                                   THE LAUNCH

ready to drop in

Aquarius, our friend Carl and Judy’s catamaran is sad to see sitting there, knowing that Carl will never return. There is a For Sale sign and apparently a young couple , his name is Jack, are looking at it and plan to go around the world. Now we hear it's SOLD

On the Water  - and worth the work

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