Monday, March 4, 2013

The Cruisers go a Cruising

Wendy and Elmer were smart enough to fly down, so they have already been soaking up the sun and chilling by the pool.

However Bealls for a marathon shop is on the to-do list and we do our credit cards proud

No, not in Ocean Wings, but on the Carnival Legend. Seven days of being waited on hand and foot, before we go and start the hot, grueling task of getting Ocean Wings launched.

Our Ship
Checked In

Lets get going

Deck Stroll

The Girls
What should we do first

Wow , talk about palatial. This boat is so ornate it’s almost hard on the eyes.

Onboard Elevators

Getting Lucky


Elmer just can't Believe what those Waiters will do for a Tip

Pool 1

Add caption

2600passengers and 1000 crew, 3 swimming pools, multiple bars , nighclubs and theatres.

Our first stop .. Cozumel, Mexico.

Cozumel Swingers

Our 2nd stop was to be Belize, which is the reason we took the cruise. It’s not a very safe area, so we will probably never take Ocean Wings there, so it’s a good way to safely see this port. But at the last minute the captain cancelled Belize due to some dispute over landing fees. Then, announces that we will go to Costa Maya instead. So it’s full speed ahead. But, when we get there, our sister ship Carnival Glory has been unable to dock due to the high winds, so our captain aborts without an attempt and we are back out to sea for another sea day.

Oh well, lots to keep us happy and entertained on board.



They are picture crazy here on these cruises, snapping your picture with every sort of pirate, mermaid, sunset setting and tropical paradise, then of course selling you the gorgeous pictures at crazy prices. But memories are fleeting , so seize the moment.


Our Gang

Next stop Roatan, we rented a car here and toured the island. What a beautiful place. Looks very much like the Virgins, with its tree covered hills. The people seemed really nice and we would love to bring Ocean Wings back here

Rest Stop

Gord Bribing the locals

Last stop is Grand Cayman. This island is flatter with beaches that stretch a long long way.

We did the underwater submarine “Atlantis “ and cruised along about 100 ft down along the ocean bottom and along the shelf that drops thousands of feet and out of sight.
More subbers
104 ft down under

Arriving in HELL
We also took a cab to the beach and had our driver take us to hell. Crazy place with the blackest, sharpest inland coral field.

Then on to the beach for a swim and a beer

Grand Cayman

Beach Boy

We were sad to leave our singing/dancing waiters and head back to that place where we have to cook and clean for ourselves.

Singing/Dancing Waiters

Bon Voyage to our waiters

Waiting to Leave

Marian, George and Marie were there to pick us up at the end of our cruise. It was a great week and nice to be pampered just before heading to the BVI for work on the hard.

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