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Gabi and Rudi take up Sailing

Feb 16- Feb 26, 2013

The travellers have arrived. All the way from Vienna. Before they are barely off the plane they learn that being a boater means pulling your own luggage along a rough caribbean road( no posh limo's for this crowd) and then manuevering it into a bobbing dinghy, keeping it dry and then straight up 6 ft onto the boat deck.
Well, they did say they wanted to try this boating thing.

We did our first snorkel and then headed into the Emerald Beach hotel for a beach swim and a mess of their wonderful BBQ ribs.

Now we want to introduce our newbies to the Island mode of transport. "the Safari"   for $1.00 you can go all the way downtown and half way across the island. For $2:00 you can go to the other end of the Island. We're going a little more than 1/2 way and heading for the Cost u Less to make sure we can feed Gabi and Rudi with some of their food preferrences.
The Safari

We take our little green truck with us so we can be sure that we can get everything we need and of course we have 2 extra sets of hands, so that's a bonus. It's kind of like Mr Toads wild ride at Disney World as we careen around the hills, passing on curves, as we're coming over hills and generally scaring the **** out of us.  Going back we have all those grocery bags to hold onto, so, I think we'll feel more secure

Our Green grocery truck
We're all stocked up and ready to head to Francis Bay. Where we got a great shot of a sea turtle and i got to swim along with him with my hand on his back.

As usual the wind is on our nose, so sailing is out unless we want to make it 12 hr affair by tacking back and forth.

We took rudi and gabi on the hike to Annanberg Sugar Mill. this old plantation has plenty of history and surprising the ruins are in pretty good shape. Enough that you get a clear idea of how it used to be in the days of slavery. They lived in terrible conditions and worked hundreds of acres on a hillside.

The only way to really cool off after a hike is to hit the surf.

The evenings are made for fun and our guests are unrivaled party animals.

North Sound is next on the agenda and of course we must hit the Micheal bean happy hour and then the Jumbies the next night.

Jumbie dancers

Micheal's Pirate show
We rented a car and took a tour of the island.  Rudi took 1000's of awesome pictures.  Yes, I truly mean thousands.  However I am at home writing this blog and the pictures are on the boat, so you'll have to check back later and I'll post some of his amazing pics.
 The view from the top of the island looking down on North Sound and all the yachts is truly one of a kind.

We're lucky to be hanging out in such a safe area, the crime here in the British Virgins is extremely minimal. if fact they must never have any more than 1 lock up at time, judging by the size of their facilities.

still checking out the island and a stop at Savannah Bay is like walking onto the set of Blue lagoon.  Doesn't this beach just make you feel like you're marooned alone.

The baths is next on our list and this wonder of the world never fails to awe even the most seasoned traveller. A hike thru the caves, a swoim in the surf and then on the the Mine shaft cafe for happy hour.

Saba Rock
 Rudi has heard about Bitter End Yacht Club and wants to see for himself, so we are heading over for the day. Now he claims he's in heaven. Not for the beautiful landscaping or turquiose water but for the fact that there is free wifi and a computer plug in. Facebook here he comes.  Then a little stop at saba rock for happy hour and some shots of them feeding the huge Tarpon.

Gabi is a bit nervous about missing their plane so we are heading back to St Thomas a few days early. Sailing down the Atlantic side of the islands in the hopes that we'll actually get some wind on this glassy ocean. Jib an mizzen are pulling us along between 4 and 6 knots. Definitely not racing but a beautiful pleasant relaxin way to travel from one end of the islands to the other.

There off on their long flight back to vienna and we are sitting in Lindberg Bay.

                             Bon Voyage Gabi and Rudiit was nice having you aboard

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