Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Year of The ******** Jan 10-12, 2012

I think its the chinese new year of the Dragon coming up. But, I'm officially renaming it to " The Year of the Dinghy"

More on the ongoing saga of "the Dinghy". Well it was a row into shore today.  Rowing past the Mega yachts in our lowly little dinghy to the dock so the Tohatsu dealer could come fix it. His not showing up till its dark. But we do have working motor now. What follows in the next week is nothing but Dinghy issues. We head to Virgin Gorda to meet and help Carl and Dar launch.  On our heels is no other than Patti and Jim, come to find their engine guy to fix their dead dinghy. Now we tow them. Carl launches after fixing his dinghy motor, gets in the water and the dinghy dies, so we now tow Carl and again we tow Jim . As we're pulling away from the dinghy dock, we find a cute little blue dinghy has gone awol and is floating out of the bay. Now its a recue job, but we're all up for it. Jim gets fixed, Carl gets fixed and we head off to Leverick with Carl and Dar as we're enjoying a peaceful dinner onboard,  Carl looks over and says where's my dinghy?  It's dark and the rocks are 500 ft off our stern, so the boys dash for our dinghy jump in with flash lights and take off into the night. 15 min later they are back with the deliquent dinghy in tow.

Enough is enough.  Am I not justified in calling it the year of the dinghy?  What might happen next.?

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