Monday, January 30, 2012

Willy T's - Jan 20th-21st

What do you mean you haven't heard of Willy T's?
                                               google Willy T's bvi ,      you'll be shocked!

Just a barge in the middle of The Bight, on Norman Island, it rocks with music and scantilly dressed patrons every afternoon and evening. It can get pretty raunchy sometimes and even the scantilly comes off as "happy holidayers"  jump from the upper deck into the turquoise water below to the sounds of cheers and toasts.

Afternoon at Willy's

patrons of Willy's

Even Pirates stop at Willy's

Dar's Birthday
Out to dinner but we are bringing a boat made dessert.  This is the ugliest birthday cake I have ever seen/made  with a propane oven that fluctuates up, down and off. It's just not a piece of cake to bake a cake.  What can I say its " A Boat Cake"   it's the thought that counts... right!

Birthday Girl

Ugly Boat Cake

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