Monday, January 30, 2012

Gord is just not happy unless he's saving someone!

Aquarius heading to grab that last mooring ball
Salt Pond is a favorite anchorage, with reef, behind, 2 both sides and a fabulous white beach in front. The salt pond is hidden from view and rightly so, as it is very unappetizing. Ocean Wings and Aquarius make it their next stop.

We're barely anchored when Gord hears a very calm distress call on the radio. A 32 ft Beneteau just outside the entrance to the next bay ( about 1 1/2 miles away) is dead in the water, can't start their engine with a line wrapped around their prop. They are looking for a Big Dinghy with a Big Motor to tow them back into the bay.
Now it is choppy out there and we are running with the spare 9.9 engine on a 12 ft caribe. But Gord is quite prepared to head out to the rescue.  Cooler heads talk him into dinghying up to the small power boat on the ball ahead of us, it's got 2- 220 hp engines. A much more likely towing vessel. They are heading out anyway and agree to go to the rescue. They pass the point, they're out of sight and we can only assume there was a happy ending.

His good deed for the day, accomplished!

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