Friday, December 16, 2011

Today we saved over $1500.00

We were told by our surveyor and by the boat yard here and a rigger last year that we had a severe crack in our forestay plate, which is a large stainless plate that houses the anchor rollers and which our forestay ( jib) roller furling attaches to. If it breaks and the forestay comes down it would probably take our mast with it. Ouch! and very expensive. Last year we were extra cautious and stopped using the jib, but figured we had to bite the bullet this year and get it fixed, so we loosened off the standing rigging and disconnected the roller furling to get the plate off. Gord decided to do a thorough cleaning to see how bad it was, and Guess what ?We have a shiney clean forestay plate with No sign of any crack. It was surface rust and it disappeared with a little acid and a wire brush.

The word BOAT stands for Bring Out Another Thousand.
This time we got lucky

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