Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Heading South Dec 2-4, 2011

Well, we are on our way to the sunny south and hope our “Ocean Wings” is where we left her, and in one piece on Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands.

I'm a little sad to be leaving home before Christmas, I'll miss or Sadie and Owen. We've had such fun this summer, at the cottage, taking her to sports classes and helping install their family swimming pool. My Christmas wish will be that they can come visit us for a few weeks this winter. Santa... bring me my wish.
Sadie and Owen

Our little pirate

We are transporting two “Driveaway” cars down this time, Gord in a Cadillac and me in a Nissan. So many things happening last minute, that packing consisted of throwing all the things that we have piled on the bed in the spare room (it’s our place to put stuff to go to the boat over the summer season) into a few duffels and giving them a weigh to make sure they aren’t over 40 lbs and heading out. Toronto Driveaway gives us 4 days to get the cars down to Florida, but this year as we were delivering 2, we wanted to at least get one on the Thursday night before, so we could get it packed and pick up the other on the way through Toronto and be on our way.

Slight hitch. The owner will let us have the Caddy the evening before, but in return wants to be picked up when he arrives in Florida, at 5 pm on the day before the car is due to be there. What the heck, we’ll just put the pedal to the metal!

8:30 am Fri morning -- we’re out of the house, BUT, our new printed boat cards are ready for pick up in Markham. DETOUR, then -- Oh my Gosh, where is my cell phone? Must have let it in North York at my Thurday meeting. DETOUR. At least it’s close by where we pick up the Nissan. Grab the Nissan and we are on our way.

We hit the border by 1 pm and the border guard asks Gord, where is the car’s owner? He then informs us that the car can’t arrive before the owner. No way!! Got that straightened out and we are on our way -- AGAIN.

So, now we do the Indie 500 down Interstate 79, 77 & 95 to pick up Mr. Caddy by 1:30 (that’s right! not 5 pm as he originally told us) a full day and a half early! Lunch at the drive through and marathon driving. OH, My poor aching back! Ouch!!

But, we pull in to our hotel in Ft Lauderdale, ½ hour before his plane lands and I get to stroll along the beach while Gord takes off to find Mr Caddy at the Lauderdale Airport. Gord walks into Arrivals just as Mr. Caddy is pulling his luggage off the belt. We made it! Should be a big tip, right? Nope, not even a “Thanks”!

The Adventure has definitely begun.

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