Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas in the Islands

Christmas festivities are non stop and the music plays from early morning to late at night. We still haven't quite gotten used to Steel Drum Christmas Carols, but they grow on you and as we work on our boat high and dry in the boat yard half a mile away, the constant music permeats the air from all directions and we find ourselves rocking to the steel drum beat of Jingle Bells.  Last night there was a Christmas parade down the main drag of Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda. The pick up trucks were decorated from front to rear with Christmas lights and huge speakers filled the back and belted out... Guess what, steel drum Christmas Carols! The kids were dressed in red and white and the music is just awesome. The warm rain was pelting down and not a soul seemed to care, including us.

The Bath & Turtle rendevous dockside bar hosted a huge Christmas party for the kids this afternoon and of course Santa visited with gifts from another fully packed pick-up truck, for every kid. The rum flowed with 2-4-1 drinks and again the music was awesome and never seems to stop. Pine trees are decorated with twinkling lights right next to the palm trees, and other than the tropical temperatures, it's just like Christmas at home, but without our "kids" Sadie, Owen, Ben and Nick, who we will really miss this year. Then memories of OUR own kids and Christmas's past, flood to mind like the surf pounding beside us on shore and we feel nostalgic and sentimental again. Next year we will stay in the far frozen north until Santa comes and goes before we spread our Snow Bird wings. (You know, you gotta feel sorry for Santa as he only gets to come once a year, and that is down a chimney!) Gotta go -- as Sue is confiscating my mouse!

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