Sunday, December 18, 2011

3000 sq ft of Nylon

That's our spinaker!  Those sailing picures with the large colourful sail billowing out in front of the boat... that's a spinaker and we didn't even realize that we had one until we were told to come get our spinnaker out of storage. Its been in the hold for 2 years, so we figured we should at least take a look. Today we spread it out on the grass at the Yacht harbour and discovered its in great shape and even has a dousing sock ( designed to make pulling it in easy ) not sure if we'll ever get to use it, as it is only good in under 10 Knots of wind and its usually at least 15 knots here and it really takes a few few strong guys ( or I mean persons) to control it, but it's ours and worth about $6000.00 ( so we'll keep it for now)

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