Thursday, April 22, 2010

Singing in the Rain

Puerto Rico has the only true rainforest in the whole United States Territories (called El Yunque and is 28,000 square miles compliments of President Roosevelt back in 1913) and we were sitting in the port of Dewey on the Island of Culebra, just a $1.00 ferry ride away. So why not?

Everyone that knows Gord and I would agree that a 6:30 am ferry would be quite the challenge for us. However, where there’s a will there is a way, and of course a good alarm clock got us to the ferry on time. Arriving at the port of Fajardo on the west side of Puerto Rico with Bill and Cathy from Dream Maker, we rented a car and were on our way.

Now you would expect a rainforest to be rainy, but true to form we also picked a day that did nothing but rain, even without the forest, so we all donned our best cruiser rain gear (which in case you’re wondering consists of those cool big yellow plastic bags with a hood attached). Not exactly designer but definitely dry. We trekked with a rented Guide named Frank, who was so passionate about the flaura and fauna that he almost brought tears to our eyes! He took us past waterfalls, huge Neolithic plants, mating snails (honest!) and claimed that if you filled Yankee Stadium with water and multiplied that by 40 miles high, that is how much rain falls here per year – no wonder the waterfalls were truly entrancing and how awesome and beautiful nature can be. There were few singing birds, but the millions of tree frogs sing like beautiful birds. I’m thinking that all 40 miles was dropped on us that day!

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