Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Back to the Virgins

Just a few more weeks till we put the boat way for the summer, with lots to tidy, scrub and bag. I figured I better head back and help out while I wait for court documents to arrive and of course I'd had a really good Sadie fix  It was an uneventful flight down, no missed connections and no lost baggage ( unlike the trip up).
Bill and Cathy -washed up
I think paradise disappeared while I was gone or else I let the good weather back in Canada. Its windy wavy and rainy. But look at that "Pot of Gold at the end of the rainbow. "We've headed west in search of sunny skies and sandy beaches. we want to check out the Spanish Virgin Islands, especially Culebra and Culebrita. We have our own personal guides; Bill and Cathy on Dream Maker, they have been there several times and are leading the way and showing us the ropes. We have such a good time together exploring, snorkelling ( sometimes washing up on shore)and sharing potluck, cards and wii. We're thankful they've become such good friends.

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