Friday, April 23, 2010

Our Favorite Anchorage…. So far

Pure white sand beach, ringed with palm trees, stretching around the whole bay and extending out into the crystal clear water. Paradise found! Better yet, it’s a Nature Preserve, so there are no beach bars, no homes, no businesses and no lights, except the 120 yr old light house at the top of a very steep climb. Crumbling into ruins, it must have one day been a magnificent structure with remnants of marble floors, huge 20 ft ceilings, 12 ft doors, courtyards and beautiful cornice trim. All surrounded by tropical forest full of wild goats and deer. There we sat at anchor down below in the bay, the only 2 boats in this beautiful paradise.

But all was not tranquil. At the far end of the bay is a huge rocky area known as the “Jacuzzi’s”. Waves rush through the narrow openings in the rocks and froth and bubble in a semi protected pool about 8 ft deep. Take your snorkel and wade in to enjoy the tunnels between the rocks that flow with fish and burst with bubbles like a glass of warm Alka Seltzer. We were sad to leave as we upped the anchor the next day and headed back to start the process of readying the boat for its long lonely summer on the hard (on land).

Next year we’ll stock up on provisions and head back to paradise for a nice long visit.

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