Saturday, January 16, 2010

Trellis Bay

After The Baths we headed straight into Trellis, with the sails up and a great wind, we made it in no time. 
The little beach grocery was the 1st order, all this sun, sand and surf seems to be making everyone hungry. So we hit the "Groceries & Tings "  to stock up.  A leisurely walk on the beach and Tif came up with a large red starfish.  Sadie wanted nothing to do with it. 

While Sadie slept that evening the fish were jumping around the boat like crazy.  With flashlights in hand we spent hours peering overboard into the water and spotted our first shark.   We're sure it was a shark, Gord thinks maybe a little Bull Shark and Bob thinks it was some kind of bottom feeder. Tif and I know it was a little shark, about 2 ft long with VERY distinct fins and when we accidentally dropped a silver can lid in the water, it attacked agressively. 
Low and Behold it was still swimming around the bat the next morning.
Guess we won't be swimming there again any time too soon.

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