Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Caribbean Rain Dance

Last night Gord and I went dancing.
This is a well know activity of all boaters in the Caribbean.  It requires a clear starry night without a hint of rain, best to have a couple of painkillers throughout the evening. Open all the hatches so a great breeze flows thru the boat while you get a terrific nights sleep rocking to the gentle motion of the waves.
The rain drops hitting your face thru the open hatch are the start to the dance.  Then its leap out of bed, probably naked then dance from hatch to hatch, leaping up on beds, furniture or toilets ( whichever is handy) shutting  8 hatches, 3 side ports and zipping the bimini windows . This MUST be done in record time to avoid soggy beds, cushions. It's a quick dance over before you know it , so you get the most fun if you can aim for at least one dance every night.
After your nightly dance just tuck your wet body back into your hopefully dry bed and let yourself rock to sleep again.
Ah!!! boating. Don't we love it.


  1. And while you are naked and merrily dancing away from hatch to hatch....we KNOW you are wishing you were back in Ontario, shovelling snow and wearing your parka....but alas, back to the rain dances! Pelican Rose

  2. PELICAN ROSE: -- Hopefully you are also enjoying dancing between the rain drops! And yes, it is far better than scraping snow off a windshield!
    Sue and Gord, aboard OCEAN WINGS

  3. Happy 60th to a beautiful woman, on a beautiful sailboat, in the beautiful BVI's! A perfect mix for a very special year! Hugs from Thai & Peter

  4. Wow - I'm loving all of your updates! I'm sooooo envious! Anyhooo....just a quickie note for now to say Happy Birthday Sue! I'm sure you had an awesome birthday on your beautiful both with your wonderful man! Say hi to Gord for us! :-) Have fun! Cheers! Tammy & Pete

  5. Happy 60th, from Wendy,Elmer,and their gang in Beautiful,cold,snowy Barrie. We wish you were here, but I'm sure your glad to be there. Hope you had a great day living your dream.
    Love from us all.


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