Monday, January 18, 2010

Oh No!!! Not Again

Lindeburgh can be a bit of a rolly anchorage, so we put out a stern anchor to keep us pointed straight into the rollers. Trouble again when we went to pull it up.
I just can't believe it keeps happening to us, Do we, and we alone find all the old lost forsaken stuff on the ocean floor. This time it was attached cables that look like an old abandoned mooring line. We managed to get the anchor about 3 ft from the surface of the water and it just ain't gonna budge no more.

Guess who after just washing off all the days salt  with a nice fresh water shower, gets to don a mask and go check things out.
We were definitely tangled, three good loops of cable around our anchor. I dove, I pulled, I dove, I pulled. Once I was half drowned and standing on the anchor I managed to get the loops back over and free it

Now another shower! cause we off to Honeymoon Drive in.

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  1. Hi Gordon and Suzanne!!
    We are back in Canada and now enjoying watching and hearing your continuing adventures!!

    Great to meet you and our paths will cross again.

    Fair winds

    Fred and Phyllis

    SV Lady J 111


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