Friday, January 15, 2010

Brewers Bay

The wind and the water seem to get a little confused with all these Islands in the way, with the wind pointing the boat one way and the water rocking it the opposite.
Now here's the challenge...........  how to pull the stern of a 55 ft 20 ton boat with a 12 foot blow up dinghy and drop another anchor to hold it there.
Tif and I thought we'd bust a gut laughing. 
"O", why would we want to perform that feat?  To point the bow the way we want instead of the way it w.ants. Finally managed to get an anchor set and winched the boat to it.  MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.  

Head to the Beach time.  Oh no, not another perfect , sandy beach , again.   Sadie's becoming quite an accomplished Dinghy traveller, wearing Sadie's Jacket. As she looks out and proclaims it to be Sadie's Water.

The waters great, even if it doesn't taste so good. But crystal clear and ever so warm that even daddy gets in and splashes around

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