Sunday, January 3, 2016

The Boat at first glance

Once our airline and ferry fiasco was behind us and we had arrived in the BVI's we just had to get a peek at the boat, even if it was pitch dark.  After 8 months away, the concern is always, "is it still where we left it "( not that we think someone could put a 20 ton boat in their pocket and walk off with it) it's just that its a big worry sitting in a hurricane zone. Is the mast still standing, is the anchor there, has the dinghy deflated or blown away or stolen or has anything run into us and punched a hole.
So, we took a walk , even in the dark, and there she was waiting for us, mast still up, dinghy lashed down  and anchor on the roller.  RELIEF !
Now we can get some sleep.
In the morning she still looked neatly put away and all intact.
She looks dry and well battened down

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