Friday, January 8, 2016

Boat show fever

The boat show in Annapolis is the best, with free parties and rum punches  interspersed with boat shopping, shopping for your boat and more shopping.
It always amazes me all the great stuff that must have been invented since last years show and I really don,t understand how we managed to live without it to this point.
Mind you, none

of it is a bargain, but it's definitely on the must have list.
This year the priority was a new windlass for the one that took a holiday down in St Kitts last season.
We're in a bit of a conundrum as the windlass that is recommended as the right size for our boat , will  not take the chain ( 300 ft of stainless steel) that we already have on board. The specs when we bought the boat said it was 3/8 stainless, but taking a sample to the show, indicates we were misled and it's only 5/16th and any new windlass of the right size and power needs 3/8th.
So do we buy an undersized windlass and keep the stainless chain or buy the proper windlass and have to replace the chain as well?  Agony !

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