Sunday, March 11, 2012

Social Time feb 29-Mar 10

Tom & Gord on" Jewel of Paradise"
After a dinner aboard Tom & Megs boat Jewel of Paradise ( also sitting in Charlotte Amalie) we both head to Francis Bay for prime rib night at Maho campground. That's the biggest prime rib dinner w/ salad bar around for the cheapest price.

And it seems like everyone is is here for the same thing, the beef and to tuck in from the heavy winds and high seas that are starting.


While we are grabbing the ball, a dolphin is chasing a fish ( for his dinner) around our ball and under our boat, finally leapping out of the water and over the ball in an attempt to secure dinner. he's so beautifull and came back to visit everyone every day for the next week.

At dinner we also ran into Mike and Betts with their friends Ken & Dorothy on Blue Star and Al and Helene on Island Girl. The same Island girl that Carl bumped into in Caneel Bay. Next night was happy hour with everyone aboard Ocean Wings.

Dinner at Maho
Mike & Betts
Al & Helene
Sue & Gord

Dinner at Maho

Ken & Dorothy

Then no other than Francois on Excalibur, from our Saint Martin advetures last year is knocking on our hull in the morning , inviting us to meet them in Anegada later in the week.  " Maybe"

Then Happy hour on Blue Star with Ken & Dorothy introduces Louise and Rick on "Grand Cru"

Daytime is beach, beach, snorkel and finally I finished and installed my Dinghy chaps. Wow! and they fit like I knew what I was doing.
The beach is a great meeting ground as well and we chatted everyday with Debbie and Bob from "Chimayo, Janice and Steve from "Salacious" and Dave on "Persephone". This group is all gettng ready to head to the boatyard for a few days to get ready for their trek down island out of the way of hurricanes. Perhaps we'll see them next season if they head back this way.

The winds are still howling out in the Drake passage, kicking up to over 30 knots. But, we are calm , quiet and snug here in Francis Bay and everyone here seems to be sitting tight waiting it out and enjoying the social time.

Anegada will have to wait, but we would have liked to spend some time time with Francois and his family.
Instead, as the winds are to finally calm down by Sunday night, we are going to wait and hook back up with Tom & Megs and their daughter Maggie and friend Ann, back in Charlotte Amalie and head to Culebrita, Culebra, Vieques ( for the bioluminesent bay ) then over to St Croix

As we check out  few trawlers ( there were 5 anchored here in the bay) so we can pass on the info to Peter and Thai, we were just leaving Des and Sue on "Desue"  when the dinghy engine sputtered to a stop. Not Again!  Told you it was the year of the Dinghy.  Along comes David and Nancy from "Vamoose" in their dinghy to make sure we get back to Ocean Wings safely. It's a great excuse for another  happy hour tonight and so Ken & Dorothy join David, Nancy, Gord and I aboard Ocean Wings.

A few boaters are getting restless or must get passengers back to airports. We watch Cameron & Linda on "Gypsy Moon" head out towards the reef, then shortly after come back towed by the Park Services wardens.
Did they forget to pay for their ball?  So, we dingy over to see how we can sign up for that ball pick up service. What a way to save diesel fuel.

Alas, they were having boat problems ( everyone must take a turn) They had lost their drive shaft, which hit their rudder, so they had no engine and no steerage. Their guests Tom and Brenda are due to fly from Charlotte Amalie tomorrow and everyone is looking glum.
We mention that it is prime rib night again at Maho campground and their faces light up.

They decide that they will join us and Dave and Nancy for a little of that beef.  The surf is pounding on the shore at Maho, so we figure the best course of action is to go to big Maho (where is quieter) and take the trail up thru the woods.

Dinner and lots of wine later, we realize that we can ferry Tom and Brenda Back to Charlotte Amalie to catch their plane. We're heading out tomorrow for there anyway. That will solve one dilemma for Cam and Linda while they sit and await a mechanic.

Now there is almost no wind ( 2.1 kts) so we motor and cruise into Charlotte Amalie with loads of time to spare.

back in Charlotte Amalie

Getting Tom & Brenda to the airport

Note: those nifty new dinghy chaps!!!!

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